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Looking to improve on composition and music skill

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Wanted: Skype Music Theory Tutor
Student Lives In: Siena, Toscana, Italy          Student Timezone: (GMT -5:00)
Student Needs:

US time zone. Is already many years I'm studying and training in musical theory by myself, but I still have many concerns and questions. I am interested to learn chord progression, modulation and relationships by chords. Modes and how to use them in a composition. Ke...

help in becoming a music therapist

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Wanted: Skype Music Theory Tutor
Student Lives In: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia          Student Timezone: (GMT +10:00)
Student Needs:

Goals to achieve skills and knowledge to be suitable for a music therapist. a) play two contrasting pieces on your first instrument, or if you are a vocalist, sing two contrasting pieces; b) play a piece on your second instrument; c) sight read a melody (instrumental...

Looking to get more serious

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Wanted: Skype Guitar (Acoustic) Tutor
Student Lives In: Chicago, Illinois, USA          Student Timezone: (GMT -6:00)
Student Needs:

I have started and stopped learning the guitar over the last 15 years. Most of the time I have tried to teach myself, and even had group classes at a local music school for a few months, but it has never really stuck. I want to give Skype a try to see if this is the m...

ukulele teacher to expand chords range and strummi...

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Wanted: Skype Ukulele Tutor
Student Lives In: singapore, Singapore, Singapore          Student Timezone: (GMT +8:00)
Student Needs:

I started last summer byt picked up quite quickly. Want to learn more chords and improce strumming patterns. I am in asia time zone. Pls let me know where you are based, your background and experience, your hourly charge and availability. Thanks!