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Welcome! I'm glad you're here! I'm Lori Amendolara, founder of Amendolara Holistic Piano. If you are anything like me, you seek new and better ways to fall madly, insanely, and completely in love with the piano and music! You seek joy in practicing and rewards along the path to mastery!

But sometimes old school thinking and well-meaning, misguided teachers make your head spin, like tires on ice! I know, I've been there at times! You become stuck and frustrated; you ask, "why am I doing this?!"
Instead lets use my accumulated experiences, eclectic study, and holistic understanding to give you effective, efficient, and inspiring methods, which embrace only the best of tradition! Say NO MORE to hitting your
head against the wall of failed methods!

I see a conflict between the soul's desire to express and feel through music, and a stifling, stressful, monotonous daily practice grind that feels anything but creative and magical. Sure, piano study DOES take a lot of time and commitment; don't expect to put your piano book under your pillow at night and absorb it all through osmosis while you sleep! Piano study takes active use of brain cells! And you MUST carve out the time no matter your busy schedule! BUT I promise you NO MORE tedious, non-productive, stressed to the max, "eye on the clock" practice
sessions! Instead lets explore highly satisfying, fun, relaxed, enjoyable, and rewarding practice processes, creative problem solving, and achievement of specific fun tasks and goals! Amendolara Holistic Piano
provides you all the tools, information, and inspiration you need to find your musical self and soul!

Too often I see teachers sacrificing expression, musical story-telling, and meaning at the alter of mechanical, perfectionistic technique! There's no reward from monotonous, mechanical playing devoid of feeling no matter
how fast and impressive the tempo! I bring you a positive, humanistic approach, and brilliant technique in balance WITH beautiful, singing tonality and expressive playing! This begins on day one! No waiting until you have "technique under your belt" to play meaningful and satisfying songs and pieces! Yes, you need technique to deliver expression; but the two elements aren't artificially isolated!

A great many professional pianists have suffered repetitive over-use injury; they love their art and their commitment is unquestioned. Yet they suffer because some traditional techniques and methods actually
contradict the body's anatomy and physiology; I've studied body mechanics and ergonomics of piano playing and developed a healthy and non-injurious means to brilliant and soul-satisfying piano
playing/performing! I've taken from more than a few sources including Dorothy Taubman, The Russian School, body mechanics and kinesiology research, traditional methods that don't contradict body mechanics, postural study, yoga and meditation, sports massage therapy, and psychology to name some. A musician's experience involves
mind/body/spirit holistically!

I show you a new approach to piano exercises that instill them with beauty and meaning; scales aren't boring when you play them with your heart strings! Every tone and phrase means something emotionally and that's
why music is therapy when approached from the heart. Instead of trying to outshine others, what can you share with others from your inner musical muse? How can music heal you and touch others?

I fell in love with the piano at the age of 4 1/2 and started lessons at the age of 6. I'm now a 51 year young kid at heart; a free-spirited individual who's made a life-long study of music, piano, body ergonomics/body
mechanics, massage therapy, meditations for holistic health, and psychology. I'm more than eager to share my holistic piano mentoring approach with you! Watch my video and you'll hear me play and learn much more about skype lessons, local lessons, instructional videos, and my piano forum!

If you want to make the most meaningful and expressive music ever, in a relaxed way, with incredible technique, competence, and beautiful singing tone, developed positively and healthily with no tortuous
over-perfectionist practice grind, Amendolara Holistic Piano is your home!

I've been self-employed for 20 years! I've mentored and taught piano to children and adults, and levels range from beginner through advanced!
I would LOVE you to check out my introduction video plus demo of myself playing "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (I composed a unique harmony for piano solo). go to amendolaraholisticpiano for these videos.
Lori Amendolara

I've been studying and playing for 44 years! (I am 51 years young, and a kid at heart). I've taught piano for 20 years; I'm self-employed and my students have come from referral/recommendation. I've maintained 45 to 50 students weekly and often had a waiting list. I'm now excited to reach so many more students, who want my mentoring and teaching program, via skype lessons! I've driven to students homes for the last 20 years, and I'm happy for the convenience and value of on-line education!

In addition to direct musical studies, I've obtained additional degrees which add to my holistic approach; I've got a BA plus 54 graduate psychology credits, plus a massage therapy certification. I was pre-med for two years, which adds to my understanding of body mechanics at the piano, which is one of my research areas.

I also play clarinet and of course I was in marching band, and yes, I was called a "band geek" or a "band nerd". I was proud to be that. lol.

I compose music, research music related topics, and I'm creating a piano forum. I don't watch much t.v.. but I do get caught up in "The Voice". I am active; I ride my bike to run errands and cycle some longer distances. I live in a shore town and love open water swimming!

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