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Moshe is a performer of classical music, Argentine tango, klezmer, Russian and Gypsy music as well as a tango dancer. Recently, Shulman led the Baires Klezmer Orchestra in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also performed in Russia, Israel and USA where he is currently located.
Moshe holds a Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and the PhD with distinction in Music Composition from the NY State University at Buffalo.

Philosophy of Education
I like Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Basically it says that, based on personality differences, there are many different types of learners or ways of learning, and a teacher needs to be flexible enough to know what style will be best for each student. Some are visual learners; others are more auditory in the way they take in information. Others need to move or have a more social interaction when learning. Some need more structure than others, or more freedom.

My goal is that my students feel comfortable about asking questions and following their interests. I model for the student the correct way of doing something, we try it together, then he tries it alone. There should be a good balance of serious, fun, easy, and more challenging work. If I can make students feel the way I do about music, that it is something of great value which can greatly improve our lives, I will have succeeded.

Students should be inspired to take charge of their own learning, so as to become independent thinkers and life-long learners. I try to provide the foundation for their development by offering a choice of activities in a variety of styles. The most important aspect of this philosophy to me is that each student feels safe, valued, feels that I know him and that he is important, and that an atmosphere of mutual respect surrounds the learning.

Current – University at Buffalo, Adjunct Professor, Part-Time
• Genres of Music - Klezmers of the World
2010 – Current – Commonwealth Lyric Theater – Composer in Residence
• Composer and Arranger of Classical and Romantic Operas that are being produced in Boston, NYC, Russia and Bulgaria (commonwealthlyrictheater)

2012 – Current – Buffalo Tango Orkestra (USA)
Duties: composer and arranger and onstage performer

April 2007 – June 2011, University at Buffalo, NY - Teaching assistant
• Fundamental Music Theory and solfege for freshman’s students (MUS 116)
Duties: full responsibility for instruction and grading in aural skills and music theory for non-music major students.
• Introduction to graduate music theory (MUS 500)
Duties: full responsibility for instruction and grading in music theory and aural skills curriculum for graduate students.
• Musical director of UB Transatlantic Ensemble (MUS 340)
Duties: composing and arranging the program; full supervision of rehearsal and concert logistics; websites available upon request.
• Undergraduate Composers’ Seminar Instructor (MUS 400)
Duties: full responsibility for instruction and grading in music composition; organization of student composition reading session.

2007 - 2011, University at Buffalo, NY
• Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) with distinction in Music Composition
2003 - 2004, Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem, Israel
• M.Mus. in Music Composition
1999 - 2003, Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem, Israel
• B.Mus., in Music Composition

Tango Dancing

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