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I teach piano, guitar, and voice. I teach students of all ages and all levels. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged. I have successfully taught hundreds of students. I'm a passionate and motivated teacher who loves working with students. Here is a little history for you. I started playing piano at the age of 17 and within a year I was doing eight hours a day. Within about three years, I started performing piano at private parties, cabarets, and hotels throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. While performing, people would come up to me and ask me if I teach piano. I decided to begin teaching piano for a few students. Those students referred me to other potential piano students. Within a couple years I was teaching piano full time. A few years later, I began playing guitar and took lessons from many instructors. After playing guitar for a few years, as well as piano for 20 years, I considered those two instruments were the best two instruments in the world... That is, until I discovered voice. I studied voice with three different teachers over a period of ten years. Additionally, I have studied about every book on piano, guitar, and voice. Today I teach full time on all three instruments. Many of my students get lessons on two instruments, for example guitar-voice or piano-voice.

You may take piano, guitar, and/or voice lessons:
- Lessons In Your Home Via Webcam
- Lessons In The Music Studio (Coronado)

I possess over 30 years experience as a professional teacher of voice, guitar, and piano successfully teaching hundreds of students. Provide teaching at all levels. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged. Most all ages.
- Lessons In Your Home Via Webcam
- Lessons In The Music Studio (Coronado)

My piano students have fun discovering what they want to play. I combine methods of recording music, playing by ear, and improvisation... And this work wonders for my piano students. They play with confidence, feeling, and great interpretation! Through the process, I teach all the fundamentals of technique in piano for correct hand positions, fingering, and attitude. My students may learn classical, jazz, pop, blues, ragtime, as comfortably as other genres. I have a recording studio, and produce recordings and CDs to aid in the learning procedure, as well as making it more fun for my piano and keyboard students! For instance, I have already recorded two piano teaching books. Here the student gets my CD for each volume. On the CD are the songs for the pupil to be played by ear. It’s a perfect world because if needed, the student can obtain the answers from the book. Many of the remaining songs in each book are for learning, reading music & improvisation.  My piano students receive everything in learning, understanding music, playing by ear, and improvisation.  I always need my piano students to tell me the kinds of music they want to learn, what kind of piano music brings joy.

The guitar is the most popular instrument in the world and so much fun to play! I combine methods of teaching sight reading, playing by ear, and improvisation.  Through the process, I teach all the fundamentals of technique in guitar for correct hand positions, fingering, and stance. Strumming, finger picking, hybrid picking, the CAGED formula is included. I spend considerable time mapping out chord changes of standard and popular songs. My students learn theory while having great fun learning songs.  After a spell, my students can play songs right off the radio. I have a recording studio, and produce recordings and CDs to aid in the learning process, as well as making it more fun for my guitar students. Sometimes a pupil can learn better with recordings of various tempos so I give them the different tempos to gradually get comfortable in mastering the guitar song. My guitar students get to play songs and guitar instrumentals they enjoy!

The singing voice is the grandest instrument of all instruments. I have over 20 years experience as a professional teacher of voice successfully teaching students. Provide teaching at all levels. Beginners are always welcome too. Most all ages.  In teaching voice, I employ the methodologies of Bel Canto, Alexander's technique, and the secrets of singing.  By the way, Alexander’s technique can bring back to health a damaged speaking voice, as well as keeping the singer’s voice sound and pain free. Singing really involves three areas: mind, technique, and performance.  There are many technical concepts to train in singing. Here, I mention just three, from vowel shapes, to understanding consonants, to landing gently on high notes. As my voice students become more and more comfortable in developing technique, then they can sing with great expression. Again, singing involves the intellect, technique, and performance.  My students read the colorful spectrum of voice.  After all is said and done, the chief purpose of singing is to bring oneself joy! Even better, when you know singing and sound great.

- Lessons In Your Home Via Webcam
- Lessons In The Music Studio (Coronado)

I possess over 30 years experience as a professional teacher of voice, guitar, and piano successfully teaching hundreds of students. Provide teaching at all levels. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged. Most all ages.

A Few Reviews From Students and Parents (Piano - Guitar - Voice)
Steven B is a wonderful teacher! He is talented, always enthusiastic, and extremely motivational! Each lesson is designed specifically for our daughter Kelsey's ability and desired genre of music! Kelsey began guitar and vocal lessons in the Coronado studio and is now taking lessons via Skype since our move to Virginia. The lessons are convenient, affordable, and productive. We are excited to be able to still have Steven B as her guitar and vocal teacher!

Steven B fun and patient teaching style rocks. I see how his bright, fun-loving personality, and knowledge of music for piano makes him top choice as my daughter’s music instructor.

Steven B, a patient, gifted teacher has supervised my studies on guitar with good humor, wit and flexibility. I would recommend him without hesitation to players young and old.

I took voice and piano lessons in Steven B studio and also online via Skype. Both experiences were great, and it was really convenient to do the lessons on Skype. Steven B is an excellent teacher, and he is very patient. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument or sing!

My time in being instructed by Steven B on piano was a great, informative experience. Ever since the first lesson, he is a very good teacher that clearly knows what he is doing. Mr. Bruce taught me at my own pace, taking time to help me work on skills, especially small details that help me perform much better. He is a very skilled instructor, teaching me pieces from not only music books that he provides, but also the valuable skill of learning by ear, a skill few other teachers bother to touch on. Mr. Bruce has helped on a number of occasions with songs that I am learning on my own and fit time into our lessons to work on them. He is always willing to let the student work on what they like as well as what he gives out. When I once mentioned my liking for jazz, we soon started an in-depth series of lessons into the genre, teaching me much more than I ever knew prior to it. I’ve never felt pressured by my assignments and pieces to bring home, as Steven B knows everyone goes at their own pace and can take anytime from a few days to a few weeks to learn a song. My time with him was a very fun and informative time that I thoroughly enjoyed.

My son has taken guitar and voice lessons with Steven B for the last year. We are pleased with classes and the improvement we've seen in comparison to a previous instructor. Mr. Bruce is punctual and extremely respectful of the time and money it takes to provide lessons. He can be counted on to be both friendly and professional. He comes prepared for lessons and expects the same of his students. If you are serious about learning and improving your skills, we highly recommend him.

I came to Steven B as a beginner in piano. I took the piano lessons on my keyboard. Steven B got me into music I really enjoy! In only three months, I was able to play and sing a song I love titled “Angel” from Sarah McLachian. My friends really enjoyed my performance!

I just wanted to say Thank You and let you know how much I appreciate all the information and help you have given Mikey. You helped him form a great hobby that he loves to do and the family loves to hear. He has come so far since his first lesson and I am happy you kept the Piano lessons interesting for him. Thanks again for being a kind, great teacher to him.

Steve Bruce Lesson Materials
For beginning students who are children, for piano I typically set out with Hal Leonard's PIANO Adventures of Nancy and Randall Faber. I've invariably found it easy in teaching a new student how to read music and learn the language of music. Reading music is important and relatively easy to teach. Playing by ear is also very important, and I make it easy to learn for my students. I have my own ProTools recording studio, and I record 10 songs from each book for students to learn to play by ear. I make a CD and give it to the student. The CD holds about 30 tracks on it, the piano tracks and my speaking voice on each track. I speak on the CD gently underneath the piano playing, for example, when there is an interval, I slow things down and the student will hear my voice in the background saying Interval, then the student will hear me play each note of the interval separately. The same thing applies when a chord comes up. It becomes a perfect world for the student because the answers in playing by ear are in the book. The student can take a peek. Then get back to listening to the CD and learn to play by ear. Along with reading music and learning to play by ear, my students also learn to improvise. My lesson materials include different books from Hal Leonard and Alfred publishing. I also have created various one-sheet hand outs I give my students to assist in the learning process. I send online students printed music through electronic mail, audio music (mp3) through email, and music books and CDs through the postal service.

For guitar, I also use the Hal Leonard guitar instruction books and are very helpful for the student, depending upon what the student wants to learn. Also, I have amassed hundreds of guitar songs, both in TAB and notation. These songs are in the popular and classical genres and are great for all grades, from beginner through advanced. I also map out popular guitar songs. This mapping out procedure means my guitar students get the sheet music with just the lyrics, no chords... However, I write in dots above the lyrics as to where the chord changes are settled. Additionally, I have produced a handout I give my guitar students, which show chord families from different keys. I teach my students how to cipher out the key of a guitar song. Once the key is correct, the student looks at the chords within that key structure and goes more or less figuring out by ear the chord changes. The student writes in the chord over the dot above the words. Along with each guitar song mapping, my student receives the correct connection of the audio (song) from YouTube for the respective guitar chord mapping. The student writes in the number of the chord, example, I - IV - VI - V (One Four six Five chord progression) and sometimes the letter of the chord, from the previous example, let's say key of A (A - D - F#m - E) This method I have created, allows my guitar students to learn theory, play by ear, learn great guitar songs, and feel comfortable playing in front of an audience.

In teaching voice and singing, my voice students receive a CD with vocal exercises that build up a singer's technique. I also hold one sheet handouts I give my voice students. Each sheet has a particular vocal skill to train. Also in teaching the voice, I use my recording studio. Sometimes a voice student can develop their vowels better if the song is in different paces, I use my recording studio and give the voice student a CD of the different tempos of the song.

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